Q? Are you able to create custom made orders so we can order regularly and quickly.

A. Yes we have what we call Pantry list that are designed to suit individual businesses and ordering needs will be produced from this list

Q? Can you deliver same day?

A. Generally our cut off time for orders would be 4pm for next day delivery in saying that we have people here in the morning and if order is placed by 6am the delivery will generally come out that same day.

Q? How long is your food stored in warehouse and are there guarantees.

A. This is something that we do not get asked at all. We do get asked about shelf life on individual products. Each product depending on weather it is perishable or not will depend on the time that it is store. Obviously dry ingredients have a lot longer shelf life than something that would be stored in the chiller. Same applies for frozen goods having a lot longer shelf life.

Q? Can you source specific products if you don’t have available

A. Yes we can on request but when doing this it is a commitment to buy what is ordered in for the clients. Meaning they must purchase the whole amount of what is ordered and no returns can be made on these products.

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